AIA Building

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming a more and more popular tool for visualization of various projects. There are different types of devices and different technologies that help users see the final product of their imagination digitally and experiencing it in VR prior to investing major funds into the physical creation.

Our preference in VR goes to non-tethered devices which are widely available and affordable to the customers. All of our virtual tours are VR compatible as well as can be displayed on any size monitor, project, tablet or smart phone.

We collaborated with AIA to create a virtual tour of their raw space Downtown Houston to be used as a reference material for the Building Design Competition. VR doesn’t always have to be used to capture the prettiest and the most perfect things in their pristine condition. Sometimes it needs to be used to capture the raw and the “before” state to create a really dramatic effect in presentation of the end result and, more importantly, help the users of the technology get to the final result successfully.