Corporate Case Study

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming a more and more popular tool for visualization of various projects. There are different types of devices and different technologies that help users see the final product of their imagination digitally and experiencing it in VR prior to investing major funds into the physical creation.

Our preference in VR goes to non-tethered devices which are widely available and affordable to the customers. All of our virtual tours are VR compatible as well as can be displayed on any size monitor, project, tablet or smart phone.

This particular project was a case study of a corporate office space transition from one building to another. We were able to work with the client to visualize their new space via a pre-rendered virtual tour, then render the images of the space for more realistic graphic display, then captured a completed space via a 360° Virtual Tour.

Our approach helped the client in several ways:

  • They were able to catch several mistakes prior to the furniture installation and address those saving themselves the trouble of rework and delays.
  • We were able to give the Human Resources department an additional visual tool to communicate the ongoing changes with the employees to help them transition.
  • We offered the Facilities Manager a  tool to ensure the installation was complete properly.
  • The tour of completed space can now be used by the Recruiting team and the Marketing department to showcase the clients space to potential new hires and new customers.
  • We were also able to incorporate the finished space into the entire building to show off the amenities of the entire complex which the building owner was able to utilize to lease other floors.