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Augmented reality (AR) is becoming a more and more widely accepted tool in a variety of different industries. Despite of starting out in the gaming realm, it is becoming essential for business applications and different disciplines from construction to healthcare to fine arts.

Today we use AR to not only visualize a concept or idea, we use it to show the end user, builder, architect or designer what their project will look like in 3D before they have made a substantial investment of time, money and resources into the physical creation of the structure.

At Trend3r, we use Hololens as a tool of choice because it is light, untethered, and it permits us to develop custom applications and functionality to meet our clients’ needs. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach with our projects, we come up with specific and scalable solutions to help our clients succeed in their pursuits.

We created a demonstration of a fully immersive museum model where the caretakers, visitors and donors can study the details of the space and see how different exhibits should be positioned or follow the story that museum tells about a particular installation. They can utilize the model to improve space planning, make project decisions on exhibit flow, and embed information about the exhibit or the museum itself in the model.

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