Operating Room

Augmented reality (AR) is becoming a more and more widely accepted tool in a variety of different industries. Despite of starting out in the gaming realm, it is becoming essential for business applications and different disciplines from construction, to design, to science and, of course, medicine.

Today we use AR to not only visualize a concept or idea, we use it to layout an operating room in a most efficient way for the medical team to do their jobs, we use it to look at the patient’s data and analyze it to help with a more accurate and timely diagnosis, we use it to train and educate medical staff to get them up to speed faster and more effectively.

At Trend3r, we use Hololens as a tool of choice because it is light, untethered, and it permits us to develop custom applications and functionality to meet our clients’ needs. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach with our projects, we come up with specific and scalable solutions to help our clients succeed in their pursuits.

Our holographic operating room provides the user an opportunity to see the model in the table top view and get a general feel for the overall layout of equipment and spacing inside the room.

We also give our clients a chance to go into the fully immersive mode and get the feel for how the full scale operating room would look like and get a sense of familiarity and comfort with the set up before any commitments to the layout have been made. This approach promotes more timely and cost effective decision making by the client and allows multiple options to be viewed prior to client making expensive investment.

Rework and change management can be the most costly and frustrating parts of the project. We try to eliminate that by offering the decision maker tools to review their options and find solutions to challenging situations early on in the project. No more looking at a 2D drawing and trying to make sense of flat boxes and lines – let yourself see the space and walk the space before you spend a dime on the build and materials. We offer our clients the confidence that the final product will match their vision and expectations.