Silos Exhibit

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming a more and more popular tool for visualization of various projects. There are different types of devices and different technologies that help users see the final product of their imagination digitally and experiencing it in VR prior to investing major funds into the physical creation.

Our preference in VR goes to non-tethered devices which are widely available and affordable to the customers. All of our virtual tours are VR compatible as well as can be displayed on any size monitor, project, tablet or smart phone.

Aside from seeing the art live, VR is the best way to convey the beauty or artworks. Our 360° photography virtual tours help the artist tell his/her story. at the Silos Exhibit we captured the essence of the art staged in each silo. That exhibit was only temporary, but our tour has documented it for enjoyment of the artists, visitors, curators, and those who couldn’t attend in person.

The quality or our equipment and combination of our software constitute a set of tools to produce very high quality graphics and interactivity with the visitors. Our technology allows for end user to be in control of the route they choose to browse the tour and the device they want to display it on, all of which contributes to a more personalized experience.